Thank you for visiting!This website introduces SUNAE artwork of Naoshi.
   If you get interested in my artwork, please feel free to give me message.

   ・Oct 23, 2010~ Dec 4, 2010  2D icons and characters@MONDO POP gallery(Rome, Italy)     
   ・I designed poster of ALFA ROMEOART PRINTS. Please check my page!
   ・I designed greeting card of Red Cap Cards. Please check a list of stores!
 ◆Oct 23, 2010~Dec 4, 2010 2D icons and characters from the new currents in comtemporary art  

 I will show my artwork to "2D icons and characters from
 the new currents in contemporary art
, Rome, Italy.

 ◆2D icons and characters
   Date:Oct 23, 2010~Dec 4, 2010
   Place:MONDO POP gallery (Rome, Italy)
 ◆Nov 9, 2010~Nov 20, 2010  NG展 『New Generation』  

 I will show my artwork to "New Generationt" in Gallery Ku
 Tokyo, Japan.

 ◆NG 『New Generation』
   Date:Nov 9, 2010~Nov 20, 2010
   Place:Gallery Ku(Tokyo, Japan)
 ◆Sep 19, 2010 The Sourcebook of Contemporary  

 My artwork appeared in The Sourcebook of Contemporary
 of Mao Mao Publications.

 ◆Sep 15, 2010~ Hannah Zakari   

 Naoshi goods will be sold at shop in "Hannah Zakari "

 ◆July 30, 2010 ~Aug 1, 2010 TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2010@3331 Arts Chiyoda(Tokyo)   

 I will show my artwork to "TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2010"
 in 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo.I make art book of Iceman!

   Date:July 30, 2010 ~Aug 1, 2010
   Place:3331 Arts Chiyoda(Tokyo, Japan)
 ◆July 1, 2010 The New Age of Feminine Drawing     

 My artwork appeared in The New Age of Feminine Drawing
 of ALL Rights Reserved.

 ◆June 4, 2010 Rojo & Garabato Magazine  

 Interview of Rojo & Garabato Magazine.
 ◆May 25, 2010~June 13, 2010 Manga Girls Inspiration Illustratiion Show@Junie Moon gallery   

 I will show my artwork to "MANGA・GIRLS" in Junie Moon

 ◆Manga Girls Inspiration
   Date:May 25, 2010~June 13, 2010
   Place:Junie Moon Gallery(Tokyo, Japan)
 ◆Apr 15, 2010 AMERICAN ILLUSTRATION 29    

 My artwork was chosen to "American Illustration 29

 ◆Mar, 2010 ALFA ROMEO ART  

 I participated to Project of "ALFA ROMEO ART".
 This is page of my artwork.


 My artwork appeared in SWEET ILLUSTRATION of

 ◆Apr 5, 2010~Apr 18, 2010 Naoshi 『SHININ'』@CARD TERIA(Marunouchi Building 4F)

 I will show goods of my artwork in CARD TERIA.

   Date:Apr 5, 2010~Apr 18, 2010 
   Place:Marunouchi Building CARD TERIA(Tokyo, Japan)
◆Mar 3, 2010 How to make SUNAE   

 I uploaded MOVIE of How to make SUNAE.
 Thank you Cezan!!
◆Jan 15, 2010 Interview of UNDER SCORE.

 Interview of UNDER SCORE.
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