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   If you get interested in my artwork art SUNAE workshop, please feel free to give me message!
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   ・Dec 28, 2012~Dec 30, 2012 POSTCARD LABORATORY@SHIBUYA Hikarie 8/ COURT
   ・Dec 10, 2012 PNJC project by Book of Nover prize  

 ◆Dec 28, 2012~Dec 30, 2012 POSTCARD LABORATORY@SHIBUYA Hikarie 8/ COURT

 I will participate to postcard show
 『POSTCARD LABORATORY』 at Gallery KUU in Tokyo!

   Date:Dec 28(Fri), 2012~Dec 30(Sun)
   Place:SHIBUYA Hikarie 8/ COURT (Tokyo, Japan)    

 ◆Dec 10, 2012 PNJC project by Book of Nover prize  

 PNJC project by Book of Nover prize!  

 Please check PNJC website

 ◆Dec 10, 2012~Dec 16, 2012 Petit Art@Gallery KUU

 I will participate to group show『Petit Art』 at
 Gallery KUU in Tokyo!

 ◆『Petit Art』@Gallery KUU
   Date:Dec 10, 2012~Dec 16, 2012
   Place:Gallery KUU (Tokyo, Japan)

 ◆Nov 27, 2012~Dec 7,2012 Metro Art@Brick gallery

  I will participate to Metro Art at Brick gallery B2F
  in Tokyo!

 ◆Metro Art@Brick gallery
   Date:Nov 27, 2012(Tue)~Dec 7,2012(Fri)
   Place:Brick gallery(Tokyo, Japan)

 ◆Nov 14, 2012~Nov 18, 2012 2012 Daegu art fair@EXCO

 I will participate to 2012 Daegu art fair at EXCO
 in Korea!

 ◆2012 Daegu art fair@EXCO From Takeda bijyutu booth
   Date:Nov 14, 2012(Wed)~Nov 18, 2012(Sun)
   Place:EXCO 1F (Deagu, Korea)    

 ◆Nov 8, 2012~Nov 11, 2012 NEW CITY ART FAIR@Huashan1914

 I will participate to NEW CITY ART FAIR at Huashan1914
in Taipei!

 ◆NEW CITY ART FAIR From Emigre booth
   Date:Nov 8, 2012(Thu)~Nov 11, 2012(Sun)
   Place:Huashan1914 (Taipei, Taiwan)    


 My kitty artwork was appeared in the book of
 "HELLO KITTY HELLO ART!" Please check it out!

 ◆Oct 27, 2012~Oct 30, 2012  EMERGING DIRECTORS’ ART FAIR 『ULTRA 005』SPIRAL Garden

 I will participate to EMERGING DIRECTORS’ ART FAIR
 『ULTRA 005』 at SPIRAL Garden in Tokyo!

   Date:Oct 27, 2012(Sat)~Oct 30, 2012Tie)
   Place:SPIRAL Garden (Tokyo, Japan)    

 ◆Oct 30, 2012~Nov 4, 2012 『Art Stamp』@Setagaya art museum galleryA

 I will participate to group show『Art Stamp』 at
Setagaya art museum galleryA in Tokyo!
 I make Naoshi stamp!

 ◆『Art Stamp』@Setagaya art museum galleryA
   Date:Oct 30, 2012(Tue)~Nov 4, 2012(Sun)
   Place:Setagaya art museum galleryA (Tokyo, Japan)    

 ◆Sep 25, 2012~Oct 7, 2012 『Hito・Hito・Hito』@Gallery KUU

 I will participate to3 people show『Hito・Hito・Hito』
 at Gallery KUU in Tokyo!

 ◆『Hito・Hito・Hito』@Gallery KUU
   Date:Sep 25, 2012(Tue)~Oct 7, 2012(Sun)
      Sep 29, 2012(Sat) Reception Party 5pm~
   Place:Gallery KUU (Tokyo, Japan)

 ◆Oct, 2012 Origami Living

My article will be appear on "Origami Living" at October.

<What Origami Living!?> 'Origami Living is a Japanese living and design blog based out of Yokohama, Japan. It showcases artists and designers producing handmade, affordable lifestyle products in Japan. Origami Living aims to raise awareness of the local Japnese craft industry and bring quality Japanese handcrats to people worldwide.'

 ◆Sep 3, 2012 Naoshi greeting card@Mosey

  My products are sold at Mosey in Mosey webshop!


 ◆Aug 20, 2012(Mon)~Sep 2nd(Sun) Visuaog@Museum store of Roppongi Hills.

 My products will be sell at Visualo in Museum store of Roppongi Hills.

 ◆Visuaog@Museum store of Roppongi Hills.
   Date:Aug 20, 2012(Mon)~Sep 2nd(Sun)
   Place:Museum store of Roppongi Hills (Tokyo, Japan)

 ◆Aug 28, 2012~Sep 2, 2012 Chips@hillside forum(Tokyo, Japan)

 My products will be sell at Chips in Daikanyama hillside

 ◆Chips@Daikanyama hillside forum
   Date:Aug 28, 2012(Tue)~Sep 2, 2012(Sun)
   Place:hillside forum(Tokyo, Japan))


 ◆Aug 29, 2012~Sep 4, 2012 ART NO HATAKE@ISETAN

 My products will be sell at ART NO HATAKE in Shinjuili

   Date:Aug 29(Wed), 2012~Sep 4, 2012(Tue)
   Place:Shinjyuku Isetan 5F (Tokyo, Japan)

 ◆Aug 25, 2012 Etsy Tokyo Craft Party

 I will do SUNAE workshop in Shibuya!
 ◆Etsy Tokyo Craft Party
   Date:Aug 25, 2012(Sun)
   Place:FabCafe Sibuya (Tokyo, Japan)  
   Materials: 700yen (includes a gift!)

 ◆Jul 19, 2012 My design card was selected to competition of "tegami" greeting card!

 My design card was selected to competition of "tegami"   
 greeting card!
 It will be commercialize, and it will be sold at "New York 
 International Gift Fair 2012 Summer".

 ◆Jun 5, 2012 Naoshi iPhone case@Visualog

 Naoshi's iPhone case are sold at Visualog!

 ◆Jun 6, 2012~Jun 15, 2012 Naoshi solo show『Little Fighters』@Gallery Ashitano Hako

 I will have solo show 『Little Fighters』 at
 Gallery Ashitano Hakoin Osaka, japan!

 ◆Naoshi solo show『Little Fighters』
   Date:Jun 6, 2012(Fri)~Jun 15, 2012(Sun)
   Place:Gallery Ashitano Hako(Osaka, Japan)


 ◆Jul 7, 2012~Jul 8, 2012 ART OSAKA 2012

 I will participate to ART FAIR『ART OSAKA2012』 at
 HOTEL GRANVIA OSAKA 26th Floor from Gallery KUU booth.

 ◆ART OSAKA 2012
   Date:Jul 7, 2012(Sat)~Jul 8, 2012(Sun)
   Place:HOTEL GRANVIA OSAKA 26th Floor(Osaka, Japan)


 ◆Jun 10, 2012 Naoshi products@Omiyage

 My products are sold at Omiyage inOmiyage webshop!


 My artwork appeared in
of PICTOPLASMA (Berlin).

 ◆Jun 5, 2012 Setagaya Life of Magazine 

 Photo of my sticker appeared in 『Setagaya Life』of

 ◆Jun 1, 2012~Jun 10, 2012 『Taste FESTIVAL 2012』@Direktorenhaus Berlin

 I will participate to group show『Taste FESTIVAL 2012』
 at Direktorenhaus Berlin in Berlin, Germany.

 ◆Taste FESTIVAL 2012
   Date:Jun 1, 2012(Fri)~Jun 10, 2012(Sun)
   Place:Direktorenhaus Berlin(Berlin, Germany)

 ◆May 14, 2012 The Martin Ouellet book of the cove!

 "Chandelier boys" of my artwork was used on the cover
 of Martin Quellet Book of the Marchand de
 Fuelles Publications.

 ◆May 23, 2012~Jun 5, 2012 『Creema』@Shinjyuku Isetan B2・Isetan girl

 My products will be sell at creema shop in Shinjuili

   Date:May 23, 2012(Wed)~Jun 5, 2012(Tue)
   Place:Shinjyuku Isetan B2・Isetan girl(Tokyo, Japan))


 ◆May 19, 2012~Jun 9,2012 『A close-up on Pop Surrealism and Urban Art』@Miomao galley(Perugia, Italy)

 I will participate to group show『A close-up on Pop
 Surrealism and Urban Art
』 at Miomao galley in
 Perugia, Italy.

 ◆A close-up on Pop Surrealism and Urban Art
  Date:May 19, 2012(Sat)~Jun 9,2012(Sat)
   Place:Miomao galley(Perugia, Italy)


 ◆Apr 6, 2012 Naoshi app was released!

 Naoshi app(by Slowtime desgin) was released for
  iPhone/iPad at iTunes store!


 ◆Apr 24, 2012~Apr 29, 2012 『COLORS』@hillside forum(Tokyo, Japan)

 I will participate to group show at hillside forum in
 Tokyo, Japan.

   Date:Apr 24, 2012(Tue)~Apr 29, 2012(Sun)
   Place:hillside forum(Tokyo, Japan))


 ◆Mar 28, 2012 『Japanese Healing Artworks』@dpi Magazine(Taiwan)

 My artwork appeared in 『Japanese Healing Artworks』
of dpi Magazine(Taiwan).


 ◆Feb 15, 2012~Mar 4, 2012 『C/STORE Exhibition』@Ecute gallery(Tokyo, Japan)

 I will participate to group show at ecute gallery in
 Tokyo, Japan.

   Date:Feb 15, 2012(Wed)~Mar 4, 2012(Sun)
   Place:Ecute gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

 ◆Feb 4, 2012~Mar 4, 2012 『ONIRIC』@MONDO POP gallery (Rome, Italy)  

 I will participate to group show at MONDO POP gallery in
 Rome, Italy.

   Date:Feb 4, 2012(Sat)~Mar 4, 2012(Sun)
   Place:MONDO POP gallery (Roma, Italy)

 ◆Feb 1, 2012 『ASIAN ILLUSTRATORS』@MONSA Pub(Spain)

 My artwork appeared in 『ASIAN ILLUSTRATORS』
of MONSA Pub(Spain).

 ◆Jan 15, 2012 『1000 IDEAS BY 100 MANGA ARTISTS』@Rockport Pub(USA)

 My artwork appeared in 『1000 IDEAS BY 100 MANGA
』 of Rockport Pub(USA).

 ◆Jan 6, 2012~Jan 19, 2012 C/STORE(Kanagawa, Japan)

 I will participate to group show at C/STORE in
 Kanagawa, Japan.

   Date:Jan 6, 2012(Fri)~Jan 19, 2012(Thu)
   Place:C/SOTRE (Kanagawa, Japan)

 ◆Jan 6, 2012 A Happy New Year 2012!  

 A Happy New Year 2012!

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