I'm an artist based in Los Angeles, USA.
Using shiny colorful sand(It's called Sunae in Japan), I make art portraying surreal people living in a real world with various everyday thoughts and emotions, such as joy, happiness, sorrow, and anxiety.
When I make Sunae, I'm always inspired to live life brightly each day just like the sparkly shiny sand that gracefully slips through my hands and fingers. It is a very unique and meaningful material for me to work with, and I enjoy it very much.

I began making Sunae in 2004. Since 2007, I've been participating in a wide range of art projects/exhibits outside of Japan, including United States, Italy, France, Switzerland, Korea etc. My ultimate goal is to familiarize people with Sunae around the world!

This is short movie of "How To Make SUNAE(Sand Art)" by Red Cap Cards!!!
 ◆Solo exhibition・Two-Four person exhibition  
  ・2016 Solo exhibition『Swing Ride』treehaus (Los Angeles, USA)
  ・2016 Solo exhibition『Rainbow Rain』Creative Studio OOO (Kyoto, Japan)
  ・2015 Four person exhibition『So Youn Lee+ Justine Lin+ Mayuko Nakamura+ NaoshiLa Luz de Jesus Gallery
       (Los Angeles, USA
  ・2014 Solo exhibition『Life of Paper Plane』arty punch(Tokyo, Japan)
  ・2012 Three person exhibition 『Hanae Sasaoka・Miki Fuseya・Naoshi『Hito・Hito・Hito』Gallery KUU(Tokyo, Japan)
  ・2012 Solo exhibition『Little fighters』Gallery Ashitano Hako(Osaka, Japan)
  ・2009 Two person exhibition 『Kin Shiotani+Naoshi『Alphabet Zoo』Gallery KUU (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・2008 Solo exhibition『Naocity』Musasino garo (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・2008 Solo exhibition『TWINS』OFFICE cafe(Tokyo, Japan) 
  ・2007 Two person exhibition 『Yuki Satoi+Naoshi『Shoes』Gallery KUU (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・2007 Two person exhibition 『Ikumi Nagasawa+Naoshi『Private』Refined Nest Gallery (Shanghai, China) 
  ・2016 『Hey! Ho! Let's Go: Ramones and the Birth of Punk Queens Museum (New York, USA)
  ・2009 『URBAN SUPERSTAR Show』Museo Madre (Napoli, Italy)  
 ◆Art fair 
  ・2016 『ART KAOHSIUNG from Emigre collection』City Suite Kaohsiung Hotel (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)
  ・2016 『ART TAICHUNG from Emigre collection』Millennium Hotel Taichung (Taichung, Taiwan)
  ・2014 『ART OSAKA 2014』HOTEL GRANVIA OSAKA(Osaka, Japan)
  ・2013 『NEW CITY ART FAIR Emigre collection』Songshan Cultural Park (Taipei, Taiwan)
  ・2013 『ART OSAKA2013 Gallery KUU』HOTEL GRANVIA OSAKA 26th Floor(Osaka, Japan)
  ・2013 『YOUNG ART TAIPEI Emigre collection』SHERATON GRANDE TAIPEI HOTEL(Taipei, Taiwan)
  ・2012 『Daegu art fair from Takeda bijyutsu』EXCO (Daegu, Korea)
  ・2012 『NEW CITY ART FAIR Emigre collection』Aoyama SPIRAL (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・2012 『ULTRA005 from Gallery KUU Kumiko Numao』Aoyama SPIRAL (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・2012 『ART OSAKA2012 Gallery KUU 』HOTEL GRANVIA OSAKA 26th Floor(Osaka, Japan)
  ・2009  『Step09 from MondoPOP gallery』STUDIO09 (Milano, Italy)
  ・2009  『ULTRA002 from Gallery KUU Kumiko Numao』Aoyama SPIRAL (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・2009  『Kunstart09 from Shonandai Gallery』Messe Bozen (Bolzano, Italy)
  ・2007  『Art Shanghai 2007 from OFFICE339』Shanghai Mart 4F (Shanghai, China)
  ◆Group exhibition  
  ・『Renegade Craft FairThe Grand Park(Los Angeles, USA)
  ・『Popkiller 13th Anniversary EventPopkiller / POP (Los Angeles, USA)
Designer ConPasadena Convention Center(Los Angeles, USA)

  ・『C/STORE』Shibuya Hikarie8/CUBE gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・『TEZUKA OSAMU Deput 70th Gallery Nucleus (Los Angeles, USA)
Salut! showNucleus Portland(Portland, USA)   

  ・『C/STORE』Shizuoka Isetan 2F Spicy Market (Shizuoka, Japan)
Cartoon Network en Amarillo, Azul y Rojo show Cartoon Network Studio (Portland, USA)   

  ・『Coaster showLa Luz de Jesus Gallery (Los Angeles, USA)
  ・The Power Morphicon: Power Ranger Art Show from QpopPasadena Convention Center(Los Angeles, USA)

  ・『THE MATTEL ARTSHOW 2016Gallery 1988 West (Los Angeles, USA)  
  ・『Coaster showLa Luz de Jesus Gallery (Los Angeles, USA)
  ・The Power Morphicon: Power Ranger Art Show from QpopPasadena Convention Center(Los Angeles, USA)

  ・ ICE CREAM WORK Book Signing+Pop-Up@Leanna Lin's Wonderland(Los Angeles, USA)
  ・『Wonderland Summer Spectacular -Celebrating 6 years of Leanna Lin's Wonderland』Leanna Lin's Wonderland
   (Los Angeles, USA)

  ・『C/STORE』Tokyu Hands Kyoto(Kyoto, Japan)
  ・『90's NIQPIQ (New York, USA)
  ・『Showa Era Vintage Mana Tribute Art Show』Q2 Gallery (Los Angeles, USA)
  ・『Print Show』SHOP THE FOX (Saannah, USA)
  ・『【Grobal Green】OTSUTSUMI×Creator Collaboration FUROSHIKIShinjyuku Isetan 7F (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・『Paws Art Show』Leanna Lin's Wonderland (Los Angeles, USA)
Renegade Craft Fair
Fort Mason Center Herbst Pavilion (San Francisco, USA
Hello Kitty&99 Friends
PIQ (New York, USA)

  ・『Hive Gallery 11th Year Anniversary Show』Hive gallery (Los Angeles, USA)  
The Little Prince Tribute ExhibitionGallery Nucleus (Los Angeles, USA)
  ・『The Horror of
SHIGERU MIZUKI ART TributeQ2 Gallery (Los Angeles, USA)
PIXEL HEARTGallery 1988 West (Los Angeles, USA)  
Hive gallery (Los Angeles, USA)   
  ・『Designer ConPasadena Convention Center(Los Angeles, USA)
Where in the World?Gallery Nucleus (Los Angeles, USA)

  ・『DREAMSLeanna Lin's Wonderland (Los Angeles, USA)

  ・『Harajuku Halloween in LA Starring Milpom★Q2 Gallery (Los Angeles, USA)
  ・『Window Display ShowPIQ Design Store in Grand Central Terminal Station r (New York, USA)
Renegade Craft Fair』The Brooklyn Expo Center (New York, USA)
Guillermo Del Toro in Service of monstersGallery1988 (Los Angeles, USA)
  ・『Coaster showLa Luz de Jesus Gallery (Los Angeles, USA)
  ・『Postcard ShowMidoriNekoSha (Kumamoto, Japan)
  ・『Postcard ShowYamakataya (Miyazaki, Japan)
  ・『Postcard Show』Coney's Eye (Ishikawa, Japan)
Doraemon: Fujiko Fujio Tribute Art ShowQ2 Gallery (Los Angeles, USA)
  ・『Handmade Korea Fair 2015』COEX
  ・『WONDERLAND art for animals』Leanna Lin's Wonderland (Los Angeles, USA)
  ・『Jedi July』Hive Gallery (Los Angeles, USA)
  ・『Hatsune Miku Dreams of Electric Sheep
Gallery Nucleus (Los Angeles, USA)
  ・『Like A VerginSacripante Gallery (Rome, Italy)
  ・『Pop SwapThe Dream Dactory Gallery (Frankfurt, Germany)
  ・『UNIQUE USA Spring MarketCalifornia Market Center (Los Angeles, USA)
Sound + Vision : Album Cover ShowQ2 Gallery (Los Angeles, USA)
  ・『EMA Showhpgrp Gallery (Tokyo, Japan) 
  ・『EMA ShowHellion Gallery (Portland, USA) 

  ・『Giant Mango Selection』Wrong Gallery (Taipei, Taiwan)
C/STORE Exhibition』Yurindo Terrase mall Shonandai Do Life!(Kanagawa, Japan)
  ・『HAND MADE KOREA FAIR 2014』COEX(Seoul, Korea)
  ・『Looks』Tokyu Department Store/Tama Plaza (Tokyo, Japan) 
  ・『La Piccola Bellezza』Hangar Tattoo Studio (Rome, Italy)
  ・『evening』arty punch gallery (Tokyo, Japan) 
  ・『Cat』Contenart (Tokyo, Japan) 
  ・『afternoon』The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum museum shop (Tokyo, Japan)  
  ・『CONTENART Opening exhibition
"Nice to meet you!"』CONTENART(Tokyo, Japan)
C/STORE』Shibuya Hikarie 8F COURT (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・『Art Marche2』TV asahi1F・UMU (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・『IVVA Art Night』STUDIO and SPACE IVVA (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・『HELLO DESIGN MY ! GIANT MANGO』Pier-2 Art Center(Kaohsiung, Taiwan)
  ・『Pre-Y.A.T. Exhibition』…@DESIGNBURG's showroom (Taipei, Taiwan)   
  ・『YOUNG ART TAIPEI 2013 Preview Tour』Da Xiang Art Space (Taichung, Taiwan)   
  ・『Art Marche』TV asahi1F・UMU (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・『Urban Superstar Festival 2013』Galleria d’Arte Provinciale Santa Chiara (Cosenza, Italy)
  ・『POSTCARD LABORATORY』Hikarie 8/COURT(Tokyo, Japan)
  ・『Putit Art』Gallery KUU(Tokyo, Japan)
  ・『Metro Art』Sankei building Brick gallery B2F(Tokyo, Japan)
  ・『Art Stamp show』Setagaya Museum gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・『Sweet Hot Mess show』Cult Status Gallery(USA)
  ・『Art no Hatake』Isetan Shinjyuku B2F (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・『Visualog』Roppongi Hills Museum Store (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・『Chips』Daikanyama hillside forum (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・『Taste FESTIVAL 2012』Direktorenhaus Belin (Berlin, Germany)
  ・『Creema』Isetan Shinjyuku B2F (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・『A close-up on Pop Surrealism and Urban Art』Miomao gallery (Perugia, Italy)
  ・『COLORS』 Daikanyama hillside forum (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・『C/STORE』Shinagawa ecute gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・『ONIRIC』MondoPOP International Gallery(Rome, Italy)
  ・『C/STOREC/STORE SHOP(Kanagawa, Japan)
  ・『Chrismas exhibition』Gallery KUU(Tokyo, Japan)
  ・『URBAN POP SURREALISMO』MondoPOP International Gallery(Rome, Italy)
  ・『Homeroom』Subtext Gallery(San Diego, USA)
  ・ISSUE IMMEDIATEGalerie Medamothi(Switzerland)
  ・EmigreSHIBUYA PARCO B1(Tokyo, Japan)
  ・YUKAI HANDS NIGHTAsagaya Loft A(Tokyo, Japan)【Live paint】
  ・『ZINE』Gallery Ahitano Hako(Osaka, Japan)
  ・『Art for Lifeline』Gallery KUU(Tokyo, Japan)
  ・『NEZUMI-KO』RED CUBE project room (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・『Universal Love』MondoPOP International Gallery(Rome, Italy)
  ・『Japanese Trend-setting Female Creators』Meguro CLASKA The 8th gallery (Tokyo, Japan) 
2D characters from the new curernts in contemporary art』MondoPOP International
   Gallery(Rome, Italy)
  ・『TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR』3331ARTS Chiyoda (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・『Manga Girls Inspiration』Junie Moon Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

  ・『SHINI'N』Marunouchi Building4F CARD TERIA (Tokyo, Japan)    
  ・『YUKAI HANDS』Shinjyuku ganka garo (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・『CWC CHANCE』Shinjyuku Marui one・Gallery Next Door (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・ART SHOW『Birth2』Omotesando hills B3F (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・『Contemporary ART FAIR Step09』STUDIO09 (Milano, Italy)
  ・Greeting care Exhibition『Red Cap Cards』Gallery KUU (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・『Strange Bedfellows』COMPOUND gallery (Portland, USA)
  ・『URBAN SUPERSTAR Show』Museo Madre (Napoli, Italy)  
  ・『ILLUSTRATIVE08』Messehallen Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland)
  ・『festival della creativita』Fortezza da Basso (Firenze, Italy)
  ・『SWEET JAM MUSEUM』Shinjyuku takashimaya (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・ART SHOW『Birth』Super deluxe (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・『PINK ATTITUDE ITALY TOUR』Becool Gallery(Rome)・GIGLIO(Parermo)・JSIGN(Napoli)
  ・『MONEY LISA』MondoPOP International Gallery(Rome, Italy)
  ・『POP INVADERZ』MondoPOP International Gallery(Rome, Italy)
  ・『SIGG+MOGRA』Omotesando hills B3F (Tokyo, Japan) 
  ・『egotismo』elaboratorio gallery (Mexico)
  ・『LOVE.LY』LAB YELLOW gallery (Hong kong) 
  ・Solo show『Flower girls』HANJIRO (Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan)
  ・Solo show『Apple and Rabbit』Theatre cafe (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・Solo show『On the Top』kawara CAFE and DINING (Tokyo, Japan)  
  ・2016  treehaus (Los Angeles, USA)
  ・2016  Leanna Lin's Wonderland(Los Angeles, USA)
  ・2013  Momiji ichiTamagawa river(Tokyo, Japan)

  ・2013  SUNAE workshopThetre Fonte(kanagawa, Japan)
  ・2013  HELLO DESIGN MY ! GIANT MANGO Pier-2 Art Center(Kaohsiung, Taiwan)
  ・2013  International School (Tokyo, Japan)
  ・2013  Art MarcheTV asahi1F・UMU (Tokyo, Japan)

  ・2012  Etsy Tokyo Craft PartyFab Cafe(Tokyo, Japan)
  ・2012  SUNAE workshopGallery Ashitano Hako(Osaka, Japan)
  ・2011  SUNAE workshopC/STORE(Kanagawa, Japan)
  ・2011  Momiji ichiTamagawa river(Tokyo, Japan)
  ・2011  SUNAE workshop in PortlandRichmond School(Portland, USA)
  ・2011  SUNAE workshopGallery KUU(Tokyo, Japan)
  ・2011  HANDMADE KOREA FAIR2011COEX(Seoul, Korea)
  ・2009  CWC CHANCE: Finalist
  ・2016  T-shirt Design for Popkiller 13th Anniversary, Popkiller(USA)
  ・2016  Tote bag Design for Leanna Lin's Wonderland 6th Anniversary, Leanna Lin's Wonderland(USA)
  ・2016  Naoshi's artwork was part of commercials for NRJ radio, number one radio in France, NRJ(France)
  ・2016  Design for Lucky Dip Club(UK)
  ・2016  Design for Furishiki(Japan)
  ・2016  Design for Washi Tape, Shimojima Wrapping Club(Japan)
  ・2016  T-shirts Design, Popkiller(USA)
  ・2015  T-shirts Design, Popkiller(USA)
  ・2015  Greeting card, Red Cap Cards(USA)
  ・2013  Naoshi's charactor for pjyamas, Peteralexander(Australia)
  ・2013  Naoshi's charactor for the Minato Mirai shopping district in Yokohama station and Shibuya station(Japan)
  ・2012  Book for Nobel Prize, PNJC project
  ・2012  Cover of Martin Ouellet poem book, MARCHAND DE FEUILLES(Canada)
  ・2012  Naoshi app from slowtime design(Japan)
  ・2011  NEW YEAR CARD design,Printboy(Japan)
  ・2010  ALFA ROMEO Art project Poster, ALFA ROMEO
  ・2009  Music player&HD『Zune』, Microsoft
  ・2009  『A Worldwider Tale』
  ・2008  Fake road signs project『PANOS2013』 (The Streets of Lyon, France)
  ・2008  Manga school 『IRUQA MBA』 (Japan)
  ・2008  Callender project 『THE LIEBLINGSEMPIRE (Germany)
  ・2007  T-shirts『+DECORA!』(Japan)
  ・2016  『create- zine』, Create zine (UK)
  ・2016  『super cute paper toys -DIY-』, Monsa (Spain)

  ・2015  Naoshi First Picture Book『ICE CREAM WORK』, Overcup Press(USA)

  ★ICE CREAM WORK Book Signing Tour
   【2015.9.14(Mon) PIQ design store (New York, USA)】
   【2015.10.3(Sat) Gallery Nucleus (Los Angeles, USA)】
   【2015.10.18(Sun) WACKO (Los Angeles, USA)】
   【2015.11.12(Thu) Hellion Gallery (Portland, USA)】
   【2015.11.14(Sat) KOBO Gallery (Seattle, USA)】 
   【2015.11.15(Sun) Screaming Sky Gallery (Portland, USA)】
   【2015.11.15(Sun) Ruby Jewel Ice Cream (Portland, USA)】

  ・2015  『MANGA INSPIRED』, Monsa (Spain)
  ・2015  『MONA LISA REIMAGINED』 Goff Books
  ・2014  『ILLUSTNOTE No.30』(Japan)
  ・2012  『HELLO KITTY HELLO ART!』, Abrams (USA)
  ・2011  『1,000 Ideas by 100 Manga Artists』, Rockport Pub (USA)
  ・2011  『Asian Illustrators…Monsa (Spain)
  ・2011  『Japanese Healing Artworks…dpi Magazine (Taiwan)
  ・2011  『Cute illustration』, Monsa (Spain)
  ・2011  『ILLUST JULY 2011』, (Korea) 
  ・2011  『The New Wave of Japanese Illustration』, Mao Mao Publications (Spain) 
  ・2010  『The Sorcebook of Contemporary』, Mao Mao Publications (Spain)
  ・2010  『The New Age of Feminine Drawing』, ALL Rights Reserved (Hong Kong)
  ・2010  『SWEET ILLUSTRATION』, Monsa (Spain)
  ・2009  『Balance』,Shinjyuku ganka garo (Japan)
  ・2008  『ILUSTRACTION』, Monsa (Spain)
  ・2008  『PINK ATTITUDE (Italy)
  ・2008  『CUSTOM KICKS』,Laurence King Publishing (The United Lingdom)
  ・2007  『tatsumaki Vol.08&09』, (Japan)
  ・2007  『I LOVE BADGES』, Monsa (Spain)
  ・2007  『ASIAN ART CITY Vol.6』, Gallery Station Co.,LTD (Japan)
  ・2007  『Stina』 ,(Iceland)
  ・2006  『Ikidebir』, (Turkey)
  ・2006  『PUBLIC』, Public Magazine (USA)

  ・2015  『TOFUGU』
  ・2015  『Feathered Nest Studio』
  ・2015  『Haikugirl’s 』
  ・2015  『Red Cap Cards』
  ・2015  『Strong Amor』
  ・2015  『CBY Book Club』
  ・2015  『Sher A Hart』
  ・2015  『3 partners In Shopping』
  ・2015  『Rainy day Ramblings』
  ・2015  『Where Connor and JT Go』
  ・2015  『Cover 2 Cover Blog』
  ・2015  『Saving in Seconds』
  ・2015  『Mary’s cup of tea』
  ・2015  『Curkng Up With A Good Book』
  ・2015  『Every Free Chance Books』
  ・2015  『BORN bookish』
  ・2015  『BROOKE Blog』
  ・2015  『DJS BOOK CORNER』
  ・2015  『HI FRUCTOSE』
  ・2014  『FRANKIE』, (Australia)
  ・2014  『PIE MAGAZINE』,(Thailand)
  ・2014  『BLISSTOPIC』(Spain)
  ・2014  『LIP』(Taiwan)
  ・2013  『Jackie Magpie』,(UK)
  ・2012  『Origami Living』,(Japan)
  ・2011  『Curvy』,(Australia)
  ・2011  『Etsy』
  ・2011  『VOGUE ITALY』, (Italy) 
  ・2011  『NEWWEBPICK #33』
  ・2010  『Rojo & Garabato Magazine #10』, (Spain)
  ・2010  『JUXTAPOZ』, (USA)
  ・2010  『hellion gallery』, (USA)  
  ・2010  『Rojo & Garabato Magazine #4』, (Spain)
  ・2010  『UNDERSCORE.BIZ』, (Italy) 
  ・2007  『PARTYKA』, (USA)     

  ・2007  『Oh!bandesu』, Miyagi TV (Japan)    
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