Naoshi's art is not painted or drawn, instead every color and pattern you see is created using fine grains of brightly colored shiny sand!
【Process of SUNAE(sand art)】
  Sketching ideas → Draw art on a SUNAE-artboard, which is basically a sticker board on the surface→Cut out the lines
  according to the color scheme→Peel it off→Sprinkle the sand on the sticky surface (one color at a time) →Repeat→
  Finish!→Clean up the sand all over on the floor… 
         ◆Animation of Candle boy  
               Main Act: Naoshi
               Movie: Norihisa Nakama
               Music: Cezan
               Support: Chieko Tanaka(Shinjyuku ganka gallery), Satoyuki  
            ◆How to make SUNAE   

This is short video of "How To Make SUNAE(Sand Art)" by Red Cap Cards!!!
               Main Act: Naoshi
               Producer: Red Cap Cards 
   ◆ Photo of making SUNAE(sand art)!

Martin Ontiveros 
   『Strange Bedfellows -An international art collaboration between Japan and Portland-』@COMPOUND Gallery